About V7

V7 Entertainment, based in Vancouver BC, is an independent developer and publisher of digitally distributed interactive entertainment and edutainment. V7 is a licensed publisher for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

Story and Characters matter at V7. The WHY behind a gameplay mechanic is extremely important to us. It is pivotal to us that we define a sense of purpose as to why we are making, playing, and delivering the game. The result is a magical experience where we, developers and patrons, are learning life lessons, no matter how significant, through the narratives, characters, and game objectives.



It is never a quiet day at V7. Even the most serious discussions are had with good humor. We are of the strong conviction that if you are not having fun working on the product, then there’s a great chance you will never “find the fun” that we are trying to deliver in the product.


V7 employees don’t quit easy. We do what it takes to stay with a product and deliver it to the best of our abilities. We live and breathe some of the fundamental tenets of agile game development. At V7, we are not afraid to axe, change, or tune at any time in the development cycle.


Everyone has skin in the game at V7. We are a tight-knit group of people who care about each other in and out of the workplace. V7 cherishes its relationships with employees, current and former.